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The debriefing of a training in medical simulation is a powerful tool to maximize the learning effect. A well led debriefing sessions can deepen the understanding of the medical procedure performed during simulation based learning (SBL). Every complete skills lab or simulation center should be equipped with a debriefing system in order to offer their students and trainees a standardized and safe learning environment.
qubeAVpro – Vollständiges Nachbesprechungssystem, 1022137, Debriefing
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qubeAVpro – Vollständiges Nachbesprechungssystem

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qube³ "L" + qubeAVpro – Vollständiges Nachbesprechungssystem, 1022293, Debriefing
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qube³ "L" + qubeAVpro – Vollständiges Nachbesprechungssystem

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qube15 "L"– Patient Simulator + qubeAVpro – Vollständiges Nachbesprechungssystem, 1022294, Debriefing
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qube15 "L"– Patient Simulator + qubeAVpro – Vollständiges Nachbesprechungssystem

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